• Holomonitor


    Phase Holographic Imaging
    Bringing Cells to Life:

    Holographic Microscopy


    Phase Holographic Imaging presents the HoloMonior M4 which allows for time analysis of living cells directly in the incubator in which they are cultured. PHI develop and market time-lapse cytometers. The Company’s patented method allow living cells to be viewed and measured over time, without disturbing or destroying the cells. PHI’s time-lapse cytometers are based on a novel microscopy technology – holographic microscopy.

  • ibidi

    Innovative Solutions for Microscopy Applications

    µ-Slides and µ-Dishes


    Ibidi presents many kind of µ-Slides and µ-Dishes which allow both cell culturing and high resolution microscopy. The high optical quality of µ-Slides allows it to be utilized for cell-based assays in research and high throughput applications.

    The different µ-Slide designs are optimized for specific cell-based applications like Cell Migration, Chemotaxis, Angiogenesis or Invasion Assay and Scratch Assay. These advanced products support researchers in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharmaceutics, allowing them to push their knowledge forward in the field of living cells.

  • IKS DS-1 Bench Top Incubator


    DS-1 Bench Top Incubator Triple Gas
    IKS International presents its new line of IVF specialist solutions:

    Triple Gas Benchtop Incubators


    The only benchtop incubator compatible with XiltriX with 10x temperature sensor and CO₂ and O₂ sensors built-in.

  • Xiltrix Telesto


    We help you sleep at night:

    Xiltrix Monitoring System


    The XiltriX® concept delivers real time monitoring, data logging and alarm signaling with hardware and software options to handle virtually any situation

  • CBS Goblets


    Visotubes and Goblets
    CBS presents a complete solution for freezing and storage of biological materials:

    Straws, Visotubes and Goblets


    CBS High Security straws are placed in goblets for storage in freezers. Goblets come in 8 different colors and their sub-compartments (called visotubes) in 12 different colors.
    Daisy goblet can hold 12 visotubes of different colors and can hold a maximum of 168 straws of 0.3 ml or 0.5 mL.

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About Us

Since its foundation in 2008, Gonagen has been operating with the aim of introducing technologically advanced products and outstanding quality of customer service to the market, through its specialist management team having more than ten years of experience in pharmaceutical companies operating in the area of women’s health infertility centers, research centers, public and private laboratories.

From the beginning of our establishment; the aim of our mission has successfully enabled us to internalize our slogan which is the innovations for life through serving our patients with innovative products in the fertility area.

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